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Abby Young-Powell is an award-winning feature writer, reporter, radio show host and editor. 


She writes about Germany, Europe and the UK, on topics ranging from education, global development, social justice, tech, women's rights, the environment and more on a regular basis for publications including the Guardian, Huck magazine, Prospect magazine, the i Paper, the Independent, Deutsche Welle, the Telegraph, Positive News magazine, Lonely Planet, Devex, Refinery29, the Observer, the London Evening Standard, the Huffington Post, Raconteur, Die Tageszeitung, the Local and others.

Since 2016, Abby has been based in Berlin, where she has worked as an independent journalist. She has covered for foreign correspondents in Berlin and worked as a feature writer across publications.

Along with co-host Edna Bonhomme, Abby created and hosts As We See It, a monthly talk show on Refuge Worldwide radio station, covering different aspects of Berlin's news, culture, community and history.

She was on staff at the Guardian in London as an editor, commissioner and writer for four+ years. Her work there included live-blogging from protests, interviewing young activists, and exposing universities that broke the law.

Abby has been awarded two fellowships by the International Journalists' Programme, one of which took her to Iceland for two months. In 2023 she was awarded a large environmental investigation grant from the Journalism Fund to work on a cross-border investigation into industrial farming. 


Her master's is in interactive journalism from City, University of London.

Get in touch for commissions / projects and story ideas.


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