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(Topics: education | global development | social issues | environment | tech and more) 

Youth voice: inside Wales' first youth parliament (Positive News magazine)

In the circle: a holistic solution to prevent sexual abuse (Positive News magazine)

This fashion label turns refugee lifejackets into statement clothing (Positive News magazine)

Omaze: is the fundraising revolution too good to be true? (Devex)

Luxury fundraiser Omaze confronts 'illegal lottery' allegations (Devex)

UK NGOs head for Europe as Brexit looms (Devex)

Could DFID be absorbed by the UK foreign office? (Devex) 

Brexit causes staffing headache for aid groups (Devex)

Reef ball burials: the new trend for becoming 'coral' when you die (Guardian)

Restoration project: tackling crime through face-to-face confrontation (Positive News magazine)

The rise of 'death cafes' (Positive News magazine)

Norway is Green - but not green enough, say students (Guardian)

What happens when an aid department is folded? (Devex)

Are universities breaking consumer protection laws? (Guardian)

'Wartime effort': The people working all hours to make ventilators for the NHS (Positive News magazine)

Sexual harassment is constant in clubs and it must stop, students say (Guardian) 

First trans student to run for women's officer stands up to backlash (Guardian) 

Debating the rules: what in-house refugee costs count as aid? (Devex)

Human rights based approaches to global migration (Devex)

'A frat-like mentality': is the legal workplace improving for women? (Guardian)

London students refuse to pay rent and demand 40% cut (Guardian)

'Toxic, cut throat': the work culture awaiting junior lawyers (Guardian)

The student-led NGOs taking on the refugee crisis (Devex)

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